Pointsbet App shakes the ground

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Enjoy the PointsBet app and take the new sports betting system, with a chance for higher rewards, but also bigger losses, wherever you are.

The PointsBet app is now available to players within New Jersey, Iowa and Indiana state lines. 

PointsBet App

iOS & Android

First Deposit Match

Up to $250 Deposit Bonus, (This is a tiered deposit bonus: Deposit $50, Bet With $150, Deposit $150, Bet With $300, Deposit $250, Bet With $500) NJ, IA and IN Only, 21+, T&Cs Apply.

PointsBet app arrives in the US

PointsBet sportsbook, originally an Australian company, came to the US and shook the ground under sports bettors’ feet. The sports betting market has been booming for the past year, and there has been no shortage of variety of bets and sports.

So what else could be new? PointsBet brings to the table a whole new winning system, which offers a lot more excitement and fun, but also greater risk.  

PointsBet in New Jersey is affiliated with Meadowland Racing and Entertainment. Back in December 2018, the NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement approved their request and allowed them to begin their online operation. 

In Indiana, the sportsbook is the second skin of the land-based Hollywood Casino in Lawrenceburg.

How does PointsBetting work? 

Other than a long list of traditional types of bets, with fixed odds, the PointsBet app offers so much more. There are a lot of educational materials on their website, including videos where Darrelle Revis himself, a famous NFL player, explaining how does PointsBetting work. 

PointsBet advertises the system as “the more correct the prediction, the higher the winning”. So, if the team you are betting on wins by more points than predicted in the spread, you will get a higher winning. However, if they win by fewer points, you will carry losses. The loss will be your stake multiplied by the difference between points predicted and the actual result. 

Different markets will have different multipliers. And if you are not prone to taking unlimited risks, there are ways to curtail possible losses. One of them is Stop Loss. You chose your multiplier, that way you can set the maximum amount lost. However, it also means your maximum win will have limits too. 

Also, you can limit the risk by picking for your bet a more predictable market. PointsBet app help section suggest soccer as an example of “market which exhibits low volatility”. In other words, it doesn’t happen often that soccer games end with more than seven goals. 

PointsBet App

How to place a bet on mobile?

Placing bets on PointsBet mobile app is easy and really quick. Navigating between sports is no challenge, and the PointsBet actually offers “how-to” tips on many stages. You start by selecting the sport, sporting event, market. After that, you select your stake. Make sure to check maximum losses and winnings, then click place bet and confirm the placement of the bet.

Also, the PointsBet app advertises itself as the “quickest horse racing app”, and it’s actually possible. Literally, it takes seconds to place a bet. 

When you place points bet, a certain amount of money will be withheld from your account. It’s meant to ensure that in case you lose, the losses can be covered. It also means you need to have enough money in your account to place certain bets.  

What can you bet on with Poinstbet?

Let’s look at the sports you can bet on using PointsBet. Some of them will sound foreign to American bettors, but that’s the charm of having the Australian company offer bets. 

  • Football, including Australian Rule Football 
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Boxing, MMA
  • Horse racing
  • Car racing and other motorsports
  • Netball
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Cycling
  • Soccer
  • Rugby League, Rugby Union
  • Cricket
  • Darts

How to download PointsBet app?

At the PointsBet website, you can find links to download the PointsBet app both for your Android and iOS device. You can also download it from the App Store. The system requirement for iOS is 9.0 or later.

You have to be 21 or older to place bets via PointsBet app, and physically present in NJ, IA or IN. To ensure you are of age and to comply with the local laws, your identity is verified when you apply for a PointsBet app account. 

PointsBet promo code

PointsBet Promo CodeMAXBONUS
First Deposit BonusUp to $250
Bonus DetailsThis is a tiered deposit bonus: Deposit $50, Bet With $150, Deposit $150, Bet With $300, Deposit $250, Bet With $500
T&Cs21+, New Customers, NJ Only.

PointsBet app other promos

There is actually plenty promotions and bonus money at PointsBet app. Let’s look at some examples. 

Parley Refunds allow you to get a $50 refund in bonus bets. If you place a four leg parley, and one leg loses, you get that refung. In case of this promo, and others, make sure to read through the details of terms and conditions. Usually PointsBet promos apply only to first bet placed in the said category. 

To take part in Home Run Derby Let It Fly you need to place a minimum $50 bet on a player. For each home run your player hits, you get an extra dollar in bonus bets. In another variation of this promo – Let it Fly Fridays, you get $20 in bonus bets for each home run. 

Why use the PointsBet app?

The whole idea behind sports betting is to bring even more emotions, involvement, and excitement to watching your favorite team, a sportsman or sportswoman play, and hopefully win.

With endless types of bets and sports, it’s hard to imagine making sports betting even more exciting. But here comes PointsBet and with their new system takes the standard for NJ Betting Apps to a whole different level.

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